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Underground piping ruptures are incredible to see firsthand as they can lift concrete, asphalt, and walls of buildings, and cause hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage. They can completely flood the interior of a building, and displace heavy volumes of dirt leaving sinkholes deep enough to drive a vehicle into.

The problem can sometimes be traced back to new construction. The best way to prevent issues with the underground piping is during installation. Many times there is a lack of specifications for the underground piping. If the underground piping is a design/build situation (meaning the contractor installing the underground piping is also designing it), then the contractor will typically install the cheapest materials available that will meet the minimum code requirements.  In return, by utilizing the cheapest materials available, this helps keep their costs low, which will generally give them more job opportunities as the lowest cost bidder (however, what you get in return may be an underground piping system that has a very short life span).


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